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Mateusz Karykowski
DevOps Engineer at VirtusLab
Wojciech Mazur
Scala Tooling Developer at VirtusLab
Karolina Wasielewska
journalist, author of “Girls Gone Tech” blog
Anita Warkiewicz
Agile Coach at Allegro, Blogger at
Dominika Glazer
Senior Product Manager at VirtusLab
Agnieszka Lasyk
Director of Engineering at Schibsted
Kamila Gawrońska
IT Manager at Vattenfall
Michał Nieć
CEO at Appliscale
Kamil Duda
Software Engineer at VirtusLab
Michał Pałka
Senior Scala Developer at Scala Tooling, VirtusLab
Szymon Fugas
Junior Cloud Engineer at VirtusLab
Maciek Gołaszewski
Cloud Engineer at VirtusLab
Bartosz Siwiński
Data Engineer at VirtusLab
Szymon Barabasz
UX Designer & Business Analyst at Industi
Szymon Sobczak
Founder & CTO at Solvbot
Mira Helena Melhor
Senior UI/UX designer / Front-End developer at VirtusLab
Aleksandrs Gehsbargs
Data Science Tech Lead at Product Madness
Joanna Sendorek
Software Engineer at VirtusLab
Zbyszek Królikowski
Machine Learning Engineer at VirtusLab
Paweł Lipski
Software Developer at VirtusLab
Marcin Złakowski
Software Developer at VirtusLab
Tomasz Manugiewicz
General Manager at Grand Parade Poland
Monika Soja
UX/UI Designer at Virtuslab
Tomasz Piechaczek
Software Engineer at VirtusLab
Maya Shavin
Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft
Adrianna Woltmann
Senior Data Analyst at Brainly | Mentor at TechLeaders
Jan Pluta
CTO @ Therapify
Harshitha Chowdary Thota
Software Development Engineer at Amazon
Bartłomiej Płotka
Principal Engineer at Red Hat; CNCF TAG Observability Tech Lead
Menaka Basker
Senior Programmer at Kumaran System
Kamil Stanuch
Former Site Director at Grand Parade
Adam Gajek
Team Lead at VirtusLab
Iwona Celińska
Full Stack Developer at EQTek
Sofiane Fessi
Head of Sales Engineering at Dataiku
Maria Oleszkiewicz
Software Engineer at IBM
Dorota Lączak
Python Software Engineer at IBM

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