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Anna Gawlikowska

Anna Gawlikowska

Head of Delivery at Leaders Island

Currently, Anna is a mentor at Leaders Island conducting trainings for leaders and workshops for IT companies. Ex-Head of Delivery ~200 people at Miquido a software house that is a technology partner of companies in the Fintech, music & entertainment and other industries.

She manages a portfolio of IT projects (mobile, web, backend, devops, UX/UI, AI, approximately ~40 projects max.). She also deals with arranging and improving processes to optimize IT companies through, among others: increasing the efficiency and billability of teams, improving the quality of software for end customers and introducing a "data-driven" approach in the spirit of humanism and the "people first" approach. She develops and implements change management strategies in organizations.

On a daily basis, she works with leaders, project managers and C-lvl on their development, but also of their companies, in the spirit of Agile. She also trains young leaders on how to build self-awareness, lead teams and projects, and develop people.

The departments she manages (Delivery and HR) employ 180 people
She created about 20 courses and workshops from scratch
So far, she has devoted over 1,000 hours to developing the leadership skills of people in IT
She has spent 10 years of her life teaching
She is an amateur climber.