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Konrad Bujak

Konrad Bujak

Product Leader / Entrepreneur / Generative AI Engineer / Trainer

Passionate product leader with over 6 years of experience driving end-to-end product delivery and leading cross-functional teams.

In his last role, he directed a portfolio of products using Agile methodologies (and Shape-Up), resulting in a 25% boost in productivity and a 40% increase in user satisfaction. Excel at rallying teams to bring innovative visions to life, informed by rigorous A/B testing and data analysis. 4-times founder in diverse industries (Culinary tourism, Generative AI, Legal, edtech).

Eager to share lessons learned transitioning from product manager to people leader, executive, and founder. Well-versed in the mental shift required to guide teams versus individual contribution. Experienced drastic situations (i.e., after joining a company, the department people filed for quitting or physical violence in the workplace). Always seeking to mentor others, especially women, pursuing product roles in tech.

He's excited to provide actionable insights on choosing mentors, embracing change, and celebrating women thriving as founders and executives in the IT industry.