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Is The Serverless the Future of Cloud Native, and why your boss is lost without a map!

October 7, 2019

Cloud Native is doing well without any doubt, and serverless looks like its distant cousin, yet... this invisible relative has a couple of spectacular successes. Some people say that Cloud Native belongs to the past and that it will soon reveal how 'legacy' it is.

But all of this is just a starter. Decisions to invest or not to invest in a particular technology are not easy, and in addition to that, people responsible for those choices are very prone to biases.

In this presentation, I want to show you how to reduce your chances of being unpleasantly surprised by market changes with the help of Wardley Mapping. I will also show you how to use those maps to drive proper decisions, even if you are not the person in charge of the project.

And Cloud Native vs Serverless sounds like an excellent example to work on!