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March 29, 2021
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Adapting to the new reality made us rethink the concept of the – the VirtusLab’s proofed IT conference. But let’s go back to the roots and recall what it was like in the beginning.

We have been evolving since 2015 to provide a unique conference experience of the highest level and to make a positive impact on the tech community. The idea behind the remains the same through the years: look beyond the horizon to inspire IT people.

So far, was a big annual IT conference taking place in Cracow Opera. It was a multidisciplinary & multiday conference which in its shape focused on state-of-the-art technology and solutions to day-to-day developers’ problems. For years the event covered various paths of expertise, mainly Reactive Systems, Data Science & Data Engineering, Dev tooling, Cloud-native and Front-end engineering. allowed meeting inspiring tech people, gain experience, becoming acquainted with good practices during workshops, talks, and hackathons. It was a space for sharing ideas, innovation, and breakthrough software technologies. In a nutshell, was a conference to get you inspired in your professional life.

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Find out more about the history & previous editions of our conference here. was initiated with an open attitude towards its formula every year. Each edition responds to the conditions and actual trends of the IT and software technology market, offering dedicated paths and workshops while allowing individualisation to the needs of each participant. This approach in 2020 allowed us to adapt to the requirements of the global covid-19 pandemic and the inability to implement standard events with face2face meetings. That’s why we created – free online sessions with multiple talks and discussion panels. In 2020 we’ve managed to organise 5 online sessions with 16 top-class experts who decided to share with us their knowledge and expertise in Frontend Engineering, Kotlin, Scala, Cloud-native, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence.

Microsphere 2020 summary

For the time being, onsite events are still not safe and we can’t be sure when the situation will change. At VirtusLab we always aim higher so we believe it’s a great opportunity to take our initiative to the next level and rethink in 2021. To meet your needs, we’ve decided to change our focus and create something special.

We reshaped and it’s now a unique platform for the tech community devoted to sharing the best IT content. Here you can find videos, events and articles focused on state-of-the-art technologies and solutions to everyday devs’ challenges.

We hope you’ll enjoy what we’ve prepared for you on the brand new website, and we’ll meet each other in person again in better times.